Silver Gelatin Prints from Distressed Negatives
11" x 14"


Beginning as an experimentation in self-curation, this series explores the ways in which we strive to control our likenesses and outward perceivable selves in the contemporary media space. From our increasingly dependant connection to social networks and the likenesses we present within them, to our obsessive control over everything from the clothing we wear to our character traits, the self has never before been as actively curated as it is today.

The Hymn of Cacophony, was originally conceptualized as a deeply derisive autobiographical poem consisting of 6 stanzas delivered during a free-writing session. Using free-writing as a method of catharsis brought forth for me an understanding of my visceral state in the form of language. Thus, I referred to the resulting body of text as, a "hymn of cacophony”.

Upon applying this notion to my initial photographic explorations of self, I found it was possible to emulate a deeply subjective state onto the planar surface of the film upon which my likeness existed. The resulting product of this interaction was a visual representation of the same hymn of cacophony I referenced in the original poem.

This series of photographs thus exists as a collection of these hymns, performed by the visualized individuals on their own likeness. Through this action, my subjects re-claim control over their visual presence, and relinquish their body of the same negativity I sought to rid myself of in the original piece of writing, channelling self-derisiveness into cathartic bliss; a chorus of chaos and cacophony.