Dura-trans digital inkjet prints (exhibited in light boxes) 
13" x 19"



The Domestic, is a contemporary exploration of the male-female representational binary that has historically existed within the domestic space. This series provides a somewhat satirical critique of these roles and dissects the icon of the family photograph as a device that has informed and perpetuated these binaries since the dawn of consumer level photographic technologies.

The family photo album has always existed as a self-curated representation of the family; accessible and shared at various social functions that may occur during the year, but otherwise inaccessible to the public. In 21st century life however, our lives exist in a space of constant and consistent scrutiny within the social networks we present ourselves. Thus, our digital presences exist as hyper-curated versions of self.

Beyond the socio-political critique of the male-female binary, The Domestic follows a narrative that visualizes an active dissociation, a breakdown of self, and an eventual submission to the media and new media subcultures of self-curation the domestic space always has and evidently continues to exist as in our contemporary media space.

Antonio Giacchetti,  The Domestic, 2015  (Installation view) Toronto, Ontario

Antonio Giacchetti, The Domestic, 2015 (Installation view)
Toronto, Ontario