Digital Inkjet Prints from Scanned Negatives
27.5" x 19.75"


By deliberately constructing a scene around a subject conceptually aware of the camera, but appearing physically ignorant to its gaze, this series becomes a post-modern critique of both self-representation and street-photography in general. While denying the camera’s presence, I attempt to highlight its location by visually referencing my connection to the camera using an obvious cable release, or by including the camera in the frame using reflective surfaces. This ambiguous subjectivity is paramount to the conceptual framework of the series. I want the viewer to question who the subject is, understand that it is myself as the artist, and be faced with he tension created by my disassociation from the camera and inclusion of a direct reference to it in the frame at the same time.

Initiated by my desire to interact more intellectually with my street-photography, this series allowed me an opportunity to explore identity and self-reference, construction and de-consctuction, reality vs non-reality, and performance vs the decisive moment.

The architect that the work is referencing is myself, the artist. I am both the subject and the photographer, and this work details the psychological tension that has manifested itself upon challenging the conventions of this traditional relationship; pushing the boundaries that restrict my agency as a photographer.