SENSE AND SENTIMENT (#1,2,3), 2017
Liquid light, polyurethane on cold rolled steel
36" x 36"


Drawing influence from the history of non-representational photography, and recent practices by the artist in this field of production, this series serves as an active rejection of sensibility and sentimentality by Giacchetti himself. Using steel, a material cited by the artist as being foundational to the social and economic structure of his hometown of Hamilton, Giacchetti creates images that are fundamentally reductive in both form and meaning; offering up the representational history of photography in exchange for a photograph that essentially refers to and depicts nothing but itself. 

After sensitizing these plates using a silver-gelatin emulsion, the plates are then exposed to the ambient light of Giacchetti’s hometown. Although definitive in intention and execution, this work embraces objectivity in its purest form; reducing the artist’s history to a flat black plane.

Interview with Antonio Giacchetti by Kesa Smith:

Antonio Giacchetti,  Sense and Sentiment  (#3) (Detail), 2017

Antonio Giacchetti, Sense and Sentiment (#3) (Detail), 2017