OF STONE AND SAND, 2015 - 2016
Distressed Silver Gelatin Fibre-Based Prints
Dimensions variable
8" x 10", 11" x 14", and 20" x 24"


Stemming from early explorations in to what it means to physically inhabit spaces, this work explores mark-making as a method of expressing presence and gesture on a deeply existential level. I have described the gestures and marks much like cave-etchings drawn by early humans who wished to validate and permeate their existence beyond their limited lifespan.

Coming from a primarily photographic discourse, I have chosen to utilize traditional photographic media such as silver-gelatin fibre-based paper, and analogue film to comment on and disrupt our expectations when it comes to defining the photographic medium. By sanding the surface of photographic paper, I found I could “expose” the silver halides to heat and pressure rather than light. The extremely fine grain of the silver gelatin paper allowed me to create impossibly complex markings that would be far too thin to recreate in a conventional drawing format despite aesthetically resembling graphite.

By exposing the paper to my gestures, I create marks as unique to my body as my fingerprint. This work visualises the specific moment of creation in which a completely unique image came to manifest itself through endless layers of entropy and chaos. For this reason, I consider the resulting “prints” to be profoundly precious objects, and imprints of the solitary performance that occurs in the darkroom. Using immediate and durational interventions to alter the surface of the medium, I re-establish my agency as an artist, to thereby visually express, validate and permeate my existence beyond the limited capacities of my body.